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6 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Thailand

From nature walks to yoga to bike rides, in Thailand you can take time out on your vacation to self-reflect and relax your mind, body, and soul.   

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Thailand is well known for its pristine beaches, lush jungles, and charming villages. While planning your dream getaway to Thailand, don’t forget to add a few of the items below to your travel itinerary for self-care!


Meditate in Phuket

Across Thailand are many destinations where you can sit on the warm sandy beach and practice meditation or yoga in front of unmatched views. In addition to the natural surroundings, there are also meditation and yoga centers you can visit for a one-of-a-kind experience.


One center that offers a truly authentic experience is Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center in Phuket! Set in an oasis of tranquility on the island of Phuket, Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center introduces its guests to the practice of honest and authentic mind-training techniques. Visitors can discover meditation retreats for beginners, free meditation classes, and coaching and counseling. Every Tuesday and Thursday are free sessions perfect for those new to meditation that want to learn the proper technique with the classic “Mindfulness of Breathing” or the Anapanasati Method.

Cycle Through Sukhothai

A favorite scenic bike route of ours is the 13th-century town of Sukhothai. Bike trails wind alongside the lush paddy fields and ancient canals, and of course, into Sukhothai Historical Park. Within the UNESCO World Heritage site, you will witness well-preserved historical ruins of 21 historical sites split into five zones. Cycle through the park to experience some of Thailand’s rich culture and history from the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai. 


Take A Beach Stroll

We can all agree that a long walk on the beach is one of the most relaxing activities, and in Thailand, it’s truly spectacular. There are over 2,000 miles of coastline in Thailand and many beaches to choose from no matter where you travel. However, if you’re in the area of Ko Samui, you won’t want to miss a stroll along Laem Yai Beach.


While walking across the softest sand your feet will ever touch, admire the calm waters on one side and the swaying groves of coconut palm trees on the other. In the distance, you can see Ang Thong National Marine Park. Don’t forget to visit during the afternoon hours so that you can experience one of Thailand’s most spellbinding sunsets. 


Venture Through Nature

Many would be surprised to hear that 70% of Thailand is covered in mountains. Due to the country’s broad span of hills and lush forest, you’re sure to find some of the world’s most extraordinary and vibrant flora and fauna. Connecting with nature is an excellent way to practice self-care.


Just off the beaten path in the mountains of Phayao Province is a charming remote village known as Phu Lang Ka. Phu Lang Ka National Park is within the village, shrouded in limestone karsts and home to thriving wildlife, foliage, and waterfalls. While visiting, take a trek up to the park’s highest peak at 1,700 meters high, where you’ll be met with views of misty scenery overlooking Phayao Province.


Visit the Markets

To keep your mind and body strong, you will need proper nutrition. In Thailand, you’ll find some of the freshest ingredients in the country at the famous floating markets, morning and night markets, walking street markets, and flea markets. 


Hop in a boat and glide down the river for a shopping experience like no other. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is known for its abundance of fruit sellers that are sure to fuel your body. Aside from local produce, you’ll also find boat noodles, coconut pancakes, and more Thai classics for a deliciously authentic Thai food experience.


If you’re visiting Thailand in search of wellness, you came to the right place! Thailand is filled with wellness retreats in relaxed settings to enjoy authentic Thai massage and healthy Thai food made with herbs. 

Treat Yourself to a Wellness Retreat

In Chiang Mai, an ultimate wellness retreat awaits you called Jirung Health Village. Here you’ll find natural healing surrounded by nature and peace and quiet. Within the retreat is Jirung Four Element Spa, where you will be treated with traditional Thai medicine. The wellness therapies of the spa are derived from the wisest and most revered Ayurvedic teachings. After a stay at Jirung Health Village, you will leave feeling like a new person with an enlightened spirit.


Thailand’s appeal is universal, from the pulse of Bangkok and to the lush countryside of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, to the many beaches of the south. Thailand is bright and colourful with an abundance of warm and open people. Plus you'll be exposed to amazing architecture and ruins, royal history and an up close look at Buddhism. And don't forget about the bustling nightlife, great shopping and some of the best street food you'll ever taste.

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